Digital pathology: the value is clear.

The weight of the cancer burden spreads across patients, pathologists, oncologists, IT managers and healthcare organizations as a whole.

9% of cases with an improved diagnosis and treatment planConsider that 9% of breast cancer surgical plans are changed when the care team meets together to review the patient treatment planning and 10% of breast cancer cases result in surgical treatment changes after a second pathologist opinion.1, 2

25% reduction in costs per slide processedWithout digital tools, it can be time-consuming, difficult or inefficient to share slides and seek second opinions that have been shown to improve patient outcomes. In addition, by deploying Integrated Delivery Networks – with a centralized lab and distributed pathologists – a 25% reduction in FTE cost per slide is possible.4 Digital slide sharing makes this possible by facilitating level loading of cases among generalists and subspecialists.

Transitioning from analog pathology to digital pathology can help positively impact patients and the entire cancer care team in profound, measurable ways.

Digital Pathology Outcomes*

Digital Pathology Outcomes

Digital pathology helps lay the foundation for the future of more integrated and accountable care, and it can deliver powerful benefits in the near term—on a global, departmental and patient level. With the backbone of digital pathology, healthcare organizations will have the tools to help take on the looming challenge of cancer.

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