The future of healthcare is informed, engaged patients. Because you can take charge of your health, demand digital pathology.

The possibility of a cancer diagnosis may be overwhelming for you and for your family. With the complexity of cancer, you will look to the experts to determine the best course of treatment, but even with a disease as complicated as cancer, you as a patient can play a critical role in your care.

Path to understanding the patient diagnosis

Studies have found that collaboration among different specialists can lead to changes in treatment plans and uncover additional details of your diagnosis.1,2

The more your care team talks, perhaps spurred by your engagement with your care, could potentially improve the outcome of your care. For you as a patient, digital pathology means:

  • Working with an engaged, collaborative care team.
  • Access to specialists and second opinions regardless of proximity.
  • The potential for more accurate diagnoses that may result in more effective treatment.1,2
  • Becoming an active participant in your own health and treatment.

In a digital environment, patients can have access to their diagnostic information, are empowered by expert insight and choice, and can potentially benefit from better care outcomes.

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