Quality cancer care starts with a pathologist’s diagnosis. Because care teams depend on you.

In the mission to achieve better cancer outcomes and reduce care costs, patient-centered care is crucial. You, as a pathologist, provide the definitive diagnosis of cancer and play a critical role in helping to ultimately determine a patient’s treatment. In order to better utilize your expertise—especially in the wake of growing caseloads and a declining workforce—you need the next generation of digital tools to help ease the growing pressures you face daily.

A precision digital pathology platform:

  • Connects you more closely into the cancer care pathway.
  • Facilitates collaboration between you, your peers and care teams.
  • Enables access and communication regardless of proximity.*
  • Enhances timeline and consistent delivery in labs.
  • Equips you with sophisticated tools and processes.

Traditional pathology platform vs Digital pathology platform

Transforming pathology through advances in information technology represents a significant opportunity to empower pathologists. Equipped with the right platform, you can rise to the growing challenge of cancer and become a more active participant in the cycle of care. You will be able to spend more of your time contributing your expertise to cases, directly impacting the quality of care for patients.

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*Where an Internet connection is available