Oncologists need accurate and timely diagnoses for effective treatment plans. Because every diagnosis matters.

Accurate and timely diagnoses for effective treatment plans for oncologists Digital pathology maximizes the time that pathologists spend evaluating cases and gives them the tools they need to communicate effectively and efficiently with you, the oncologist.With digital pathology, you, as an oncologist, can more easily access the information and insights you need to determine the best course of treatment for a patient.

Digital pathology can benefit you by:

  • Enhancing diagnoses with molecular and genomic testing, utilizing the pathologist as a consultant and expert on new testing practices.
  • Enabling additional quantification through image analysis.
  • Incorporating pathologists into care team forums, leveraging them as high-value consultants.
  • Providing faster access to specialists and other pathologists regardless of location*.
  • Making it easier for you to discuss cases with patients through the sharing of slide images and pathologist notes.

Through digital pathology, the entire care team can be empowered to deliver more targeted and informed treatments for patients.

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*Where an Internet connection is available.