Omnyx™ IDP was developed through partnerships with more than 30 pathologists from 13 academic medical centers and research centers as a solution to help improve pathologist processes and enable digitization.

Omnyx Integrated  Digital Pathology : Ultra fast scanning and total quality control

The work of pathology begins in histology. The Omnyx Integrated Digital Pathology solution is a completely digital environment for managing quality review and slide distribution.

Pathology that Performs<br />  - Scalable, Reliable and Easy-to-use

Omnyx is a fully integrated, scalable, digital pathology solution designed to address the scale and reliability requirements for researchers and pathologists.

Pathology that Performs<br />  - Measurable Value and Better Patient Outcomes

Omnyx Integrated Digital Pathology delivers tangible value through efficiency improvements as well as providing new digital tools to research pathologists to improve their effectiveness.

  • Omnyx™ IDP

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    A fully integrated, scalable digital pathology solution.

  • A GE Healthcare and UPMC Venture

    Omnyx is a A GE Healthcare Venture

    Omnyx was formed with collaboration at its foundation. Learn more about the joint venture

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    Omnycx Digital Pathology: Independent Dual Sensor Scanning

    Press Release Omnyx ships sixth VL4 digital pathology scanner.

  • Omnyx™ Pathology Workstation

    Omnyx™ Digital Pathology Workstation

    Designed by Pathologists for Pathologists